3 Weeks of Rizal and Ellie Madness, Music and Creation!

It was time to leave Jogja, and catch the train to Cirbon West Java to meet up with my friend Rizal ma nizal. I met Rizal in Bali through my friend Jonas, at an art exhibition, i had just arrived after a ferry ride from lombok, very sunburnt and wearing my nanna flanno, he said i looked like another bloody tourist. I was just super tired! But first impressions aside we actually got along really well (especially when i found his bag full of crazy percussion instruments he carries everywhere with him) Rizal is a fellow Troubadour that wanders and wonders around Indonesia island hopping with his guitar, creating music for the masses, provoking thought with his lyrics, sharing, learning and asserting justice for those unheard communities.With a voice that needs no microphone and a laugh that tickles. Thankyou in advance for the adventurres Rizal Abdulhadi….

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